Healthy LifestyleWhy can’t you sleep at night?
Why can’t you sleep at night

Why can’t you sleep at night?

A lot of time we are tired and didn’t have a good sleep last night. Even all of these factors are not forcing us to go to sleep.

The simple answer is our brain is thinking it is daytime and is preparing us to do some work. The factors that affect our sleep are blue light coming from screens, bright light exposure, and involvement in stressful jobs at night.

Blue light:

Blue light exposure triggers melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone produced at night that tells our brain it is time to sleep. But blue light coming from our screens can block its production and our body doesn’t go to sleep. If you take melatonin supplements it can provide temporary relief and help you sleep better, but a simple solution would be to use any blue light filter app, it is a common feature in smartphones and tablets nowadays.

Bright light:

A bright light exposure of any color could be harmful at night and affect our sleep. Some neurons in our eyes detect the intensity of light and tell our brain it is daytime or nighttime. If you are exposing yourself to bright light your brain can take it as sunlight and it will cause block the sleep mechanism. A simple solution would be to use dim lights at night.

Stressful work at night:

We all know this; it seems clear enough. There is also a scientific reason behind it, stress produces cortisol which is as you can guess a stress hormone. Cortisol is really helpful early in the morning and prepares us for a day full of activities but it can affect our sleep at night.

So, it is very important to deal with stress and find ways to lighten up a bit. Taking your mind off work by hand or dancing a little can help you reduce stress and get to sleep faster.

I know most of the time it won’t be in our hands but simply don’t do anything which can produce stress at night.

In Short:

Sleep plays a crucial role in weight management and mental health, making it an essential aspect we cannot afford to overlook if we aim to maintain fitness and happiness. Just remember these tips! Hopefully, they will make it a lot easier for you to fall asleep at night. The best way to do things is to make sleep a priority. If we take care of our health by sleeping well at night, we have a bright day in the morning.

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