Healthy EatingProtein Lemonade – A TikTok Trend – Is it worth trying and healthy for you?
Protein Lemonade - A TikTok Trend - Is it worth trying and healthy for you

Protein Lemonade – A TikTok Trend – Is it worth trying and healthy for you?

Protein Lemonade – A TikTok Trend – Is it worth trying and healthy for you? Protein lemonade or lemonade protein whatever you call it. Is it really healthy for your health or a waste of your time? In this article, we are going dig into this trend and find out if you should follow it or leave it.

Frosted protein lemonade: latest trend on TikTok for summertime. The digital creators are giving a new shot to protein shakes by replacing yogurt and fruits with ice and lemonade. This gives rise to a frosty smoothie that many creators claim is very healthy to enjoy in the summer. Their goal was to find a summer beverage that is low in sugars, calories and higher in protein content.

This protein lemonade went viral when different Tiktokers began making copycats of Chick-fil-A’s Frosted Lemonade. Its ingredients include whole milkfat and nonfat dry milk, water sugar, lemon juice, and different stabilizers and preservatives. Its Nutrition is 6g of fat, 6-gram protein, and 65g of carbs.

On the other hand, the copycats from TikTok added protein powders of different flavors but mostly used vanilla. The dietitians agree with the recipe as long as you are consuming it in moderation and making it part of your balanced diet.

Is Protein Lemonade healthy?

When you look into different bloggers and TikTok, The creators use a variety of ingredients in their reimagined versions of this recipe. Most of them include protein powder (mostly vanilla flavor), powdered vanilla pudding mix, almond milk to cheese, and lemon juice to sugar-free lemonade juice.

When purchasing lemonade from the grocery store, the presence of “freshly squeezed” on the label indicates high-quality brands. However, if someone prefers lemonade made with traditional sugars like cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup, it is crucial to monitor their sugar intake. Typically, a 12-ounce serving of lemonade contains approximately six teaspoons of sugar, and it is recommended that adults limit their daily consumption of added sugar to 12 teaspoons.

If someone opts for a low or no-sugar variant, then be aware it may contain artificial sweeteners that can upset the stomach. Some recipes use freshly squeezed lemon juice with maple syrup, agave, or honey to make it sweet. Both artificial sweeteners and sugars have their drawback. But they can be used in moderation.

In the case of protein, the TikTok version of this lemonade has 15 – 30 g of protein per serving. This is much more than Chick-fil-A lemonade.

Bodies can absorb approximately 20 – 25 g of protein at each meal and should be distributed across meals and snacks throughout the day. When you are using protein powder go for 20 – 40g per day.

Protein powders can fill the protein intake gaps. Vegans, older adults, and athletes have high protein needs. So it may be a fun way to add some. As far as the type of protein powder is concerned, you should consume which suits best to your needs. The types may range from whey to vegan options like soy or pea. Most recipes use vanilla protein powder to give the drink a creamy flavor.

Keeping in View the Balanced Nutrition:

It is Ok to use this recipe in moderation. But Don’t forget foods that make your diet balanced. There are a few things that you should keep in mind before going for this protein lemonade.

Consuming too much protein from powder may displace the nutrients like protein from other food sources. It is important to consume protein food sources like meat, eggs, nuts, and tofu, etc. as they also contain nutrients like different vitamins and minerals.

If your protein powder contains vitamins and minerals as well, it may lead to overconsumption of these nutrients and may cause issues.

Other important key points are what type of protein powder you use and how much protein you need in a day. So it is important to consult a dietitian or health care provider before you go for this recipe. Also, Read What should you Look for in a Protein Powder?

Quick Review:

The protein lemonade can be a good source to fuel your body if incorporated into your balanced diet and consumed in moderation. It is the best way to consult your dietitian before starting to use it. If you are struggling to meet protein needs this recipe may be a good option to fulfill your needs. If your protein requirements are already fulfilled you may not need to use protein powder.

So, It is ok to consume this summer treat in moderation. Protein lemonade can serve as a valuable addition to your selection of summer beverages, whether you aim to increase your protein intake or seek a healthier substitute for treats like Frosted Lemonade.

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