Medical Nutrition5 Foods to have For Thyroid health
5 foods for thyroid health

5 Foods to have For Thyroid health

5 Foods to have For Thyroid health: The thyroid gland needs iodine in order to produce the required thyroid hormones that your body needs (NIH). There is a risk of hypothyroidism, if you don’t get enough iodine. You will have no problem if you are consuming iodized salt. But if you are on a vegan diet or following a low-sodium diet, then you may need to consume iodine from other sources.

Here is a list of 5 foods to have for thyroid health:


If you are consuming dairy you don’t have much to worry about iodine intake. According to the National Institute of Health, Dairy products on average contain 85mcg of iodine per cup. However, the amount varies as livestock are given iodine supplements and the milking process also includes iodine-based cleaners.

Plain, greek, or low-fat yogurt is a good source of iodine making up to 50% of your iodine intake (NIH).

Brazil Nuts:

Selenium is another nutrient that regulates thyroid hormones. Selenium has been suggested to potentially help prevent long-term thyroid damage in individuals with thyroid-related conditions such as Hashimoto’s and Graves’ disease. Brazil nuts contain high amounts of selenium (one kernel contains up to 68–91 micrograms).

The maximum upper limit intake for selenium is 400mcg daily. Consuming too much can cause different issues like hair loss, discolored nails, garlic breath, or even heart failure.


Eggs are a good source of iodine and selenium as well. A large egg contains almost 16% and 20% of daily iodine and selenium respectively. So We can say it is super thyroid food.

Try to consume whole eggs if you have not been suggested otherwise by your healthcare provider as most of these nutrients are present in the yolk.

Chicken and Beef:

Another important nutrient for your thyroid is Zinc. Consuming too little zinc can lead to hypothyroidism. If you have hypothyroidism, your thyroid hormones can absorb zinc thus leading to zinc deficiency. When this happens you may experience adverse conditions like severe alopecia.

If you are consuming meats you are taking a handsome amount of zinc as meats either chicken or beef, are a good source of zinc.


Fish is also a good source of iodine according to American thyroid association. Inadequate nutrition is convincing evidence of thyroid issues. One 3oz. baked cod may contain up to 158mcg of iodine. This is enough to fulfill your daily needs. So you can add fish to your diet to easily fulfill your daily iodine needs.

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