Healthy EatingIs yogurt good for health? Why you should add it in your daily diet?

Is yogurt good for health? Why you should add it in your daily diet?

Is yogurt good for health? Why you should add it in your daily diet? Let’s see: Fermenting milk is the process that produces yogurt. It contains a high amount of calcium and is a good source of protein. A healthy calcium level in the body prevents osteoporosis. Additionally, yogurt contains probiotics that help with digestion and boost the immune system. The bacteria that are used to make yogurt from milk can convert lactose into lactic acid, and that lactic acid is what gives yogurt its unique texture and flavor compared to milk.

Here is a list of benefits that might force you to eat yogurt regularly.

Bone and tooth health:

It has a great amount of calcium, which maintains bone density. Which is especially important for growing children. Calcium also maintains the homeostasis of the mineral density of bones and teeth. In addition to calcium, other minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium are also essential for strong and healthy bones and teeth. It also prevents tooth decay and protects enamel. It protects against bone diseases like osteoporosis and is a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

Causes Weight loss:

Yogurt can also boost the fat-burning process. It will make you feel full for a long time, and by doing so, less food intake will take place, resulting in fewer calories consumed throughout the day. In addition to promoting oral health, the yogurt can aid in weight loss by increasing satiety and reducing overall calorie intake. This is due to its ability to enhance the fat-burning process and provide prolonged feelings of fullness.

Good for Immune system:

The immune system is responsible for defending the body against infections and diseases. Adequate sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise can boost the immune system’s function.

Live bacteria, lactobacillus, and streptococcus are present.  These probiotics protect against oxidative stress on the mucosa of the gut. and it also contains a high number of micronutrients like zinc and selenium. These micronutrients are good for the body’s defense against foreign material. 

Prevents stomach ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome:

Dairy product like milk is not good for IBS but its fermented form is another case. It consists of Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus. which can help against diseases like irritable bowel syndrome. Bifidobacterium are very good for the digestive system and gut microbiota. Its probiotic properties can help fight infections caused by H. pylori, which can prevent ulcers and stomach cancer in the long run.

Defends against Cardiovascular diseases:

Yogurt contains a lot of fat and can scare people suffering from heart disease, but its fat content promotes HDL, which is good cholesterol. However, not all types of yogurts are high in fat, and low-fat or fat-free options are available. Additionally, consuming moderate amounts of full-fat yogurt can be a part of a healthy diet for individuals without heart disease concerns.

Bottom Line:

Yogurt may not be for everyone, as many people have dairy allergies or are lactose intolerant. but it is better than taking milk as it contains less lactose, but it is not completely lactose-free, so people who are lactose intolerant should take caution before its consumption. It can also help with conditions like constipation, diabetes, diarrhea, and colon cancer. Good for females suffering from vaginal infections.

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